PSTI Act decoded: Practical tips for security professionals

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About this webinar

This webinar is hosted by Guus, featuring Justine, a Legal councel, and Niels, Head of Security at Intigriti. They will explain the Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Act (PSTI Act) and how to implement effective Vulnerability Disclosure Programs (VDPs) to enhance security. Watch this webinar to learn how you, as a security professional, can navigate new regulations and improve your cybersecurity strategy.

What you will learn

  • Understanding the PSTI Act and its legal obligations: Justine will provide an overview of the PSTI Act, which sets security standards for connectable devices in the UK.

  • VDP basics: All essentials on how to implement an effective VDP.

  • Choosing the right VDP approach: explore the benefits and drawbacks of managing your own VDP versus using a hosted service like Intigriti.

  • Maximizing security and compliance: best practices on how to integrate VDPs into your organization’s processes, ensuring compliance with the PSTI Act and enhancing overall security.

Meet our hosts

  • Guus van Delft: Sr. Sales Director and your host for the session.

  • Justine Simal: Legal Counsel at Intigriti

  • Niels Hofmans: Head of Security & IT at Intigriti.


This webinar is crucial for security professionals aiming to understand and comply with the PSTI Act. Gain insights into legal requirements, learn how to implement effective VDPs, and discover the benefits of managed services like Intigriti.

On-Demand Access: This webinar is available on demand. For further questions or discussion, contact Niels or Guus directly.

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