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Enlist the help of our global community of experienced researchers and keep your assets secured at all times.

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Secure your assets

Have our community of researchers assess the security of all your digital assets. Simply publish your fully managed (private or public, your choice) bug bounty programs.

Track down vulnerabilities

Make reporting, managing and fixing vulnerabilities a true walk in the park. Our platform comes with a measurable built-in process to follow up on all your vulnerability reports.

Leverage our network

Get access to over 10.000 security researchers across the globe and benefit from their knowledge. Intigriti's community is at your constant disposal, allowing you to hand pick your researchers and validate their findings.

The intigriti platform

All reports in a 100% transparent overview

Keep track of vulnerabilities in real-time. Yes, as they come in. Streamline your disclosure process and discuss any details in a single place, our secure platform.

Comprehensive budget reports

Keep an eye on your bug bounty budget at all times. Our built-in dashboard allows you to track payments from the initial report to the actual deposit.

Real-time updates

No more switching from email to Slack or WhatsApp. Discuss reports with your researchers in a single, centralized location: The intigriti Platform. You can even customize your reports with questions that are specific to your context.

You're in control

Keep your programs private when you need to and make them public when you want to. When needed, manage program access for every specific researcher, even after go-live. Need a clear view on who has access to the specifics of your programs? No problem. You're in charge. All the time.

The intigriti program lifecycle

Set up bug bounty programs in no time


Create your program

Define the scope of your program, set the rewards and adjust the rules of engagement that researchers need to respect.


Select your crowd

Once you have decided on the level of confidentiality you want to maintain to the public, your program is set to go. Is your program invite-only, full-blown public, or anything in between? You call the shots.


Boost your security

Once you have launched the program, you will receive valuable vulnerability reports from our researcher community. Our community serves every information request you may have and the team makes sure that only quality comes through.

Trusted by a broad range of industries

Meet some of the leading businesses that use the intigriti Platform on a daily basis to improve security of their digital assets:

  • Telenet

    Bruno De Legher

    “I would say ‘Just go for it’. Intigriti gives you instant access to a large pool of trusted security researchers. This is such a powerful tool. Every security researcher has his own approach. It makes visible what normal security tools and internal pen tests missed.”

  • Kinepolis

    Bjorn Van Reet

    “We believe that the intigriti solution is using the power of the internet to connect the world of security. So we as Kinepolis can have access to the best security people of the world to improve our overall security. Also the quality cases review from the intigriti security specialist are amazing. This gives us all the detailed information to solve the issues as soon as possible.”

  • Brussels Airlines

    Jean-François Simons

    “There is great added value in the close collaboration on the intigriti platform. Any question you have, there’s always somebody who answers it. When an issue is found, both the internal and the external teams work together to solve the problem. As a result, our devop and digital teams learn a lot from what has been discovered.”

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A vast community of companies already leverages our platform for:

  • Increased researcher creativity and more variety in security testing
  • Continuous security assessment instead of one shot validation
  • A fully transparent and cost-efficient report overview
  • A no cure, no pay approach to vulnerability testing
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