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Agile security testing, powered by the crowd 

Learn how adopting crowdsourced security with Intigriti can prevent security breaches. 

Our clients include

Secure your assets

Utilize the unrivaled skills of our global hacking community through a solution that’s tailored to your security needs – whether it’s public and private bug bounties, hybrid pentests, or a live hacking event. 

Track vulnerabilities

Make reporting, managing, and qualifying vulnerabilities simple. Our platform comes with a measurable built-in process for tracking your vulnerability reports, as well as an expert in-house triage team that accurately vets them. 

Leverage our network

Access over 50,000 independent researchers across the globe and benefit from their knowledge. Intigriti's community is at your constant disposal, allowing you to custom select researchers and validate their findings.

100% transparent overview

Streamline your vulnerability disclosure process and keep track of vulnerabilities in real-time.


Comprehensive budget reports

Keep an eye on your bug bounty budget at all times. Our built-in dashboard allows you to track payments from the initial report through to payment.


Real-time updates

No more switching between different communication tools. Discuss vulnerability reports in a single, centralised platform and get updates in real-time.


You're in control

Keep your programs private and engage with selected researchers of your choice, or make your program public and open it up to our entire ethical hacker community. Alternatively, choose our hybrid pentest for a time-boxed, controlled approach. 


The Intigriti program lifecycle

Set up bug bounty programs in no time

Create your program

Define the scope of your program, set the rewards and adjust the rules of engagement that every bug bounty hunter needs to respect.

Select your crowd

You call the shots on whether your bounty program is public or private. With invite-only, you custom pick your security researchers. With public programs, the entire researcher community is at your fingertips.

Boost your cybersecurity

Once you have launched the program, you will receive valuable security vulnerability reports from our researcher community. Our community serves every information request you may have and the team makes sure that only quality comes through.

How do leading companies work with Intigriti?

We work with teams of every size, shape and industry to secure their digital assets, protect confidential information and customer data, and strengthen their responsible disclosure process.


What really stands out for me, is the guidance provided by Intigriti.

Raf De Leu



We need people who think like hackers to test our shared hosting infrastructure.

Wesley Hof



I can use the creativity of thousands of ethical hackers’ minds through Intigriti.

Thomas Colyn

DPG Media

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Join the likes of Yahoo!, Intel, and Visma, who are leveraging our platform for: 

  • Continuous security assessment instead of one-shot validation 

  • A fully transparent and cost-efficient bug report overview 

  • A no-fix, no-pay approach to vulnerability testing 

  • Increased researcher creativity and more variety in security testing 

  • Crowdsourced solutions to suit your needs, including bug bounties, hybrid pentests and live hacking events 

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