Intigriti for SaaS providers

Secure your Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform against rapidly-evolving cyber threats with Intigriti’s crowdsourced security testing solutions. Our industry-leading platform connects you with over 90,000+ ethical hackers worldwide, empowering you to proactively identify and address vulnerabilities before they're exploited by cybercriminals. Manage growing attack surfaces and reduce the risk of revenue and reputation loss from damaging cyberattacks.  

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Robust security testing for SaaS providers

Since 2022, the average company is using 130 SaaS platforms within their technology mix and this number is expected to be even higher today. To prove your cybersecurity dedication to customers, vigorous and transparent security testing is vital.

With Intigriti, SaaS providers: 

  • Take an agile approach and ensure sufficient testing coverage for all digital assets 

  • Access real-world threat simulations through our ethical hacker network  

  • Cater to product release cycles through continuous security testing 

  • Avoid the costs associated with security breach disruptions

Our clients in the SaaS industry include

Crowdsourced security testing for SaaS applications

The rapidly growing Software-as-a-Service industry is being increasingly targeted by malicious hackers. This eBook looks at how crowdsourced security is protecting SaaS businesses and best practices for creating a strong vulnerability reporting process.

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Intigriti’s platform

Our industry-leading platform and solutions enable companies to tap into our global community of 90,000+ ethical hackers, who use their unique expertise to find and report vulnerabilities in a secure process to protect your business – before the bad actors do. Hundreds of companies across the world count on us as their trusted partner. Learn more →

Crowd-powered security

Leverage the skills, experiences and expertise of thousands of security experts. Alternatively, choose from the world’s most skilled hacking talent to form the ultimate team of pentesters.

Round-the-clock triage support 

Intigriti streamlines vulnerability management, including duplicate handling, risk acceptance, and critical vulnerability prioritization, validated by our expert triage team.

Your compliance needs supported 

Your customer data stays protected during testing. We meet compliance needs with ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certifications. Learn about our security and compliance stance through our Trust Center →

Proven financial impact 

The average payout for a critical or exceptional vulnerability (€6,000) is less than 1% of the average cost incurred by companies for vulnerabilities and data breaches exploited in a malicious way. 

Pay for results, not time 

Security researchers are rewarded if they expose a new, realistic, and actionable in-scope bug. When companies pay based on results instead of time, they get much more impact from their test budget.

Centralized security testing

Intigriti’s programs allow organizations to continuously test cybersecurity defenses within one singular platform, meaning payment is automated and processes are streamlined.

A customer's view

“Our Security Director has a simple rule of thumb. He says $1 spent in bug bounty is between $10 and $100 later — and I completely agree with him.”

Ioana Piroska, Security Engineer & Bug Bounty Program Manager at Visma

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Cybersecurity testing solutions for SaaS

Our innovative crowdsourced approach provides you with a dynamic advantage in fortifying your digital assets and maintaining a robust security posture for your assets.

Hybrid pentesting 

Intigriti offers an alternative pentesting solution that combines the incentivisation approach of bug bounty programs with the dedicated resourcing strategy found with classic penetration testing. 

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As technology evolves, keeping up with vulnerability disclosures becomes harder. Help your team stay ahead of incidents in a managed, structured way, leveraging the power of the Intigriti platform.

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Bug bounty programs

Host your bug bounty program on our secure platform. Add continuous security assessments to your cybersecurity infrastructure through our extensive community of 90,000+ ethical hackers. 

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Six common bug bounty myths

When it comes to bug bounty programs, many misconceptions still linger on. Download our free eBook to get a better handle on bug bounty programs so that, moving forward, you can confidently separate the truths from the myths.

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