Intigriti’s live hacking events

Harness the power of our ethical hackers in a unique setting with maximum impact.

Launch a live hacking event with Intigriti and take your bug bounty program to the next level. 

  • High-profile events that attract top hacking talent 

  • Vibrant atmosphere where companies and hackers can have fun  

  • Intensive hacking in a short period of time 

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Why every company should run a live hacking event?

What makes live hacking events so special? Key Intigriti team members and researchers come together in this video to discuss the benefits of this experience. As well as giving insight to why the collaborative nature of the hacking is so unique, it also gives a taste of the fun that occurs at these events. 

What is a live hacking event?   

Live hacking event are a unique way to promote your security bug bounty program and fix vulnerabilities in your company’s assets. Key benefits of a live hacking event include: 

Expert skills 

Tap into the most talented researchers from our community of 90,000+ ethical hackers

PR opportunities

These exciting events allow you to demonstrate your progressive approach to security

Tailor your event

Physical or virtual live hacking events are available to suit your requirements 

How do live hacking events work?

Live hacking events are always tailored to your needs. We work with you to define and plan the event to ensure you achieve your objectives. There are four key questions we will answer together: 


Where it will be held and whether it will be a physical or virtual event. This can be a location of your choosing and can also be a combination of physical and virtual. While physical events benefit from the social buzz and face-to-face interactions, virtual events can produce an equally impressive hacking performance. 


The duration of the event. While hugely flexible, most tend to go for 24-48 hours. One option can be to run a virtual version of the event over a longer period of time, even several weeks, while still carrying out the physical event over a few days. 


Defining the scope of the project and who exactly will be in attendance. Live hacking events are particularly effective at testing more mature security assets. The hackers themselves are hand-selected, and we will help connect you with the right skill sets in our community that are required for your project.

Marketing opportunities

How we will promote, run, and triage the event. This includes all marketing operations you would like to engage in, with the option to hold a quieter affair always available. While our renowned triage team will be available to you, there is also the option to use a team of your choosing.  

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"With a live hacking event, you have some of the most talented hackers all in one place, making it one of the fastest methods of clearing up serious security issues."

Cristian Zot, cristi
Security Researcher at Intigriti

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