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Interested in jumping on board the Intigriti rocket ship? You’re in the right place. Working at Intigriti goes far beyond having a job to make ends meet. We’re always looking for people who share our passion and ambitions.  

Our mission is to lead the path to global crowdsourced security and make ethical hacking the way to go for companies and security researchers. We’re looking for people who believe that we can accomplish this together. 

Job openings

About Intigriti

Intigriti is an award-winning cybersecurity company that specialises in incentivised security testing through bug bounty programs. Founded in 2016, Intigriti set out to conquer the limitations of traditional security testing. The interactive platform features real-time reports of current vulnerabilities, enabling organisations to obtain greater visibility over their attack surface. 


A company where you can flourish

Over the years, we’ve built a diverse team of talent with shared values and behaviors.

Honesty, fairness, transparency

Establishing trust and ethics is key to us achieving our common goals. We maintain an honest and transparent culture while respecting the dignity and diversity of our colleagues, customers, and partners.

Aim high and generate excitement 

We want to attract people who strive for excellence. We embrace a culture of innovation, creativity, and proactivity. No idea is too big or too small. 

Act with empathy and integrity

We honor and value our colleagues’ abilities, qualities, and differences. We earn respect by giving respect.

We know our worth but are never arrogant

We’re humble but not submissive. We protect the quality of our business and community while remaining flexible and open-minded. 

Collaborate as individuals, work as a team

We empower our employees to inspire those around them and strive for an open and transparent culture where all ideas are heard. 

Accountability, reliability, dependability

Mistakes happen – we learn from them and move forward. Work ownership empowers us to take accountability, collaborate to meet shared goals, and consider how our work impacts that of our co-workers.

What our employees say


We make the world a more secure place. The fact we can have such a significant impact on companies with our community and team, in a sustainable way, is really cool. 

Arne Schoonvliet

Release Manager at Intigriti


Intigriti is a diverse and inclusive group of professionals on a mission to make the digital landscape more secure. With so many different perspectives, we get to innovate, learn from each other, and improve the way we operate every day.

Iman Lamrani

Head of People & Talent at Intigriti


We not only help organizations meet their business goals but also impact the lives of researchers all over the world. Intigriti’s platform brings them in contact with companies to identify vulnerabilities in their assets. It’s a safe place for researchers to do what they are good at, have fun, and earn some money! 

Robbe Van Roey

Hacker Manager at Intigriti

Job openings at Intigriti

Job openings

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