About intigriti

As technologies emerge and agile development implements changes at blistering speeds, new threats and vulnerabilities arise. The ever-changing cybersecurity landscape requires reliable and continuous risk detection methods in order to be effective. The protection of digital assets is a common concern and not a battle we are supposed to fight alone.

Thousands of ethical hackers are ready to collaborate towards a safer world, and use their skills for the good. When this crowd of security researchers comes together to combine their knowledge, creativity and tools to find security issues, the results outweigh any form of traditional testing known to date.

Intigriti connects Europe's largest network of international ethical hackers and security researchers with organizations around the globe. Our platform enables businesses to effectively implement continuous security testing for numerous assets, with the help of a scalable custom crowd of security researchers that fits the needs. Reporting is done in a secure and structured way, generating actionable data that can be seamlessly implemented in development cycles. Incoming testing results are validated by a team of security professionals that provide assistance throughout the journey.

For researchers, the Intigriti platform offers a way to get rewarded equally for their performance regardless of their location, gender, religious beliefs or educational background. Embracing the new way of working, Intigriti rewards it community for their valuable contributions instead of only considering their time spent. The result is an open environment in which individuals can participate when and wherever they want to, in a safe and educational setting.