What Makes Intigriti's Platform Unique?

Our offerings cater to all organizations and for various levels of security maturity. But what makes us different? Download this short booklet to discover the many ways in which Intigriti outshines other bug bounty platforms on the market.


Agile Testing Powered by the Crowd

Read about bug bounty programs vs pentesting, bug bounty benefits and why it is so important staying one step ahead. A vulnerability reported and fixed is one less opportunity for a cybercriminal to exploit.


Self-hosting A Bug Bounty Program vs Publishing Via A Bug Bounty Platform

Businesses can choose to receive and manage vulnerability disclosure reports themselves or publish and host through a bug bounty platform, such as Intigriti. Get a quick understanding of the key differences in our easy-to-read booklet.


Vulnerability Disclosure Policy (VDP) vs Bug Bounty Programs

Creating a stress-free and sensical way for ethical hackers to disclose security vulnerabilities to you is critical. Intigriti offers both VDP and bug bounty program disclosure routes through the platform. Download this short booklet to understand the similarities and differences between them.


Discover more

We’re currently working on some more resources for you. In the meantime, why not check out our blog? Read ethical hacker interviews and discover tips, tricks and tools for bug bounty program success.