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Read why 3 former employees at Google, Huawei and Barco trust Intigriti with the security of their IoT company and how the creativity of external security researchers prevented major income loss for MuuseLabs.

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Showpad's bug bounty program has contributed to the overall awareness of security in the company. Discover how the platform also uses its program and vulnerability reports as a basis for building better onboarding, training and development for its engineering team.

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Port of Antwerp

Learn how Port of Antwerp set out to explore responsible disclosure and bug bounty programs after finding traditional testing methods too limiting. The organization required a solution that would allow for scalable, continuous security testing while being cost-effective and sustainable.

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Learn how Cake uses bug bounty programs as a tool for security transparency within their independent banking app. Cake has access to very sensitive information, so the security and privacy of their user's data is vital.

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European Commission

Read about how the European Commission made a commitment to secure its open source software with Bug Bounty programs and help open source communities in securing their software.

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Find out from webhosting company Combell' CTO Wesley Hof why after 3 years of working with a well known US platform they made the switch to European hacker platform, Intigriti.

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Learn why IT manager at Torfs, Raf De Leu, wished he had started their bug bounty program two years sooner. Read all about the 2-hour implementation process of Intigriti at Torfs.

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Brussels Airlines

Read about why Jean-François Simons does more than periodical penetration tests at Brussels Airlines. You'll also find out more about the added value of working with external ethical hackers.

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DPG Media

Find out how DPG Media, Thomas Colyn, could tap into a network of security researchers (ethical hackers) whilst also leveraging customer support and a triage team and how bounty programs offer a significantly different benefit from penetration tests.

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Kinepolis Group

Learn how Kinepolis CIO, Bjorn Van Reet, overcame fears and read how running a continuous bug bounty program complemented the penetration test that Kinepolis performed before a major release.


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