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Frequently Asked Questions

Intigriti is a cybersecurity company that works with ethical hackers worldwide to protect digital information, trusted by the world's largest organizations. They offer various services:  

  • Vulnerability disclosure: Get ahead with Intigriti's Vulnerability Disclosure Program.

  • Bug bounty: Host your bug bounty program. 

  • Hybrid pentesting (PTaaS): Cost-efficient and scalable  
    penetration testing. 

  • Live hacking events: Generate buzz while finding  
    bugs in a unique setting.  

A bug bounty program is an initiative that rewards individuals for finding and reporting software vulnerabilities. Organizations invite security researchers via Intigriti’s bug bounty platform to identify and submit bugs in their software, with the incentive of receiving recognition and compensation for their efforts. 

Certainly, Smart Pension→ is running a bug bounty program on Intigriti.

Common reports include security flaws like cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection, and broken authentication. The severity and impact of the bug often determine the reward. Intigriti uses a contextual CVSS standard→ to support this process.

Bug bounty programs enhance the security posture of organizations by helping them identify and fix vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. 

Yes, vulnerability disclosure is a broader term that includes the process of reporting a vulnerability to the affected party, while bug bounties refer to the structured programs that provide rewards for such reports. 

Absolutely. Intigriti offers programs specifically for mobile applications, targeting both iOS and Android vulnerabilities. A great example is Innogames→ on Intigriti.

You can find an in-depth discussion of the legal aspects of bug bounty programs and important considerations in our concise Intigriti Legal guide→ .