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Hybrid Pentesting: Security testing reimagined

Intigriti’s Penetration Testing as a Service combines the pay for impact approach of bug bounty programs with the dedicated resourcing strategy found with classic penetration testing.

Supports SOC2 and ISO27001 compliance 

Access the power of the crowd while maintaining a controlled environment  

Opening yourself to bug bounty programs can feel like a significant step. However ethical hacking communities remain an unmatchable source of security skillsets and knowledge.

With Intigriti’s Hybrid Pentest, you can now reap the benefits of leveraging the world’s strongest security researchers while maintaining aspects of the traditional pentesting format.

An all-in-one security testing platform for agile businesses

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Dynamic and adjustable test coverage 

Decide whether security researchers follow your desired methodology or follow their own creative flow of searching for vulnerabilities. 

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Match skills to your testing requirement

Choose from a wealth of qualified and verified security researchers who specialize in delivering hybrid pentests.

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Streamlined communication and project transparency

Gain instant access to results as they’re reported and communicate directly with researchers through our platform.

Intigriti’s annual Hybrid Pentest solution gives us a cost-efficient solution with a higher quality specifically aimed at our custom software. The innovative approach also fits in well with our ISO27001 policy and we are convinced that it mitigates more risks than a traditional pentest.



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