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Global crowdsourced security provider, trusted by the world's largest organizations

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Active programs400+
Bounties paid€15 million
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Launch your first bug bounty program on Intigriti today to enlist the help of our experienced community of researchers.

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I am a security researcher

The Intigriti platform is built for bug bounty hunters, by bug bounty hunters. Join us today to be part of our community.

A community of ethical hackers who think like attackers

Malicious hackers don’t always follow a predefined security methodology like penetration testers, and automated tools only scratch the surface. Connect with the brightest cybersecurity researchers on earth and outmaneuver cybercriminals by staying on top of the evolving threat landscape. 

Agile, continuous security testing

A standard penetration test is time-boxed and relevant only to a single moment in time. Kickstart your bug bounty program and protect your assets 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Cost-effective and simple

Launch your program in just a few clicks with the help of our customer success team. We ensure you only provide a bug bounty reward for unique and previously unknown security vulnerabilities. Every incoming submission is validated by our expert triage team before it reaches your inbox.

Choose reliable cybersecurity

Intigriti’s expert triage team, global community, and customer success focus are enabling businesses to thrive amidst evolving cybersecurity threats.

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How do leading companies work with Intigriti?

We work with teams of every size, shape, and industry to secure their digital assets, protect confidential information and customer data, and strengthen their responsible disclosure process.


We look at the researcher community as our partners and not our adversaries. We see all occasions to partner with the researchers as an opportunity to secure our customers.

Madeline Eckert



Bug bounty platforms align well with open source software. It is collaboration at the highest level.

Miguel Díez Blanco

European Commission


I can use the creativity of thousands of ethical hackers’ minds through Intigriti.

Thomas Colyn

DPG Media

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Security testing for eCommerce websites and retailers

February 19, 2024

Security testing for eCommerce websites has become indispensable for online retailers, as it plays a vital role in safeguarding customer data, financial information, and brand reputation. The process involves evaluating and testing the security measures implemented by retailers, aiming to identify vulnerabilities and potential threats that cyber attackers may exploit.   In this article, we […]

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Navigating the PSTI Act: a guide for security professionals

February 13, 2024

As the implementation date of the Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure (PSTI) Act approaches, security professionals must understand and prepare for the regulatory changes it brings.  Commencing on 29th April 2024, this legislation marks a significant milestone in product security requirements. The Act aims to enforce a minimum standard for all IoT-driven consumer products distributed […]

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