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The Ethical Hacker Insights Report 2022

Ethical Hacking: The rising career path for information security professionals

 Join our free webinar to find out more about the growing shift from traditional security testing towards crowd-sourced cybersecurity. As the threat of cyberattacks intensifies, businesses are realising the importance of continuous security testing. 

Register today and discover the ever-evolving world of ethical hacking. 

Group 6529  Tuesday, 21 June 2022


 4pm - 5pm (CEST)


Join the free webinar to discover:

The views of ethical hackers around bug bounty programs, penetration testing, and VDPs.

How companies can use bug bounty hunting as an educational tool for internal training.

How organizations can work with a globally distributed community of ethical hackers.

Vic Woods, Sr. Information Security Officer at Showpad
"If you want to bring your vulnerability testing into the 21st century, get a bug bounty program."
Vic Woods, Sr. Information Security Officer at Showpad



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