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Sharpening SLAs for Vulnerability Management  

Accelerate and streamline your response to security vulnerabilities

Too many security teams fail to respond to vulnerability disclosures quickly enough, increasing their organization's risk of cyberattacks. Delayed action and communication in addressing these issues also complicate the maintenance of business integrity and regulatory compliance. Cybersecurity Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) are essential for improving these areas. To get started, read Intigriti's guide, "Sharpening SLAs in Vulnerability Management." 


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At Intigriti, we understand the immense pressure on cybersecurity leaders to defend against a rapidly evolving threat landscape with limited resources. Still, failing to plan is planning to fail, which is why SLAs are so crucial for protecting against cyber threats. Our report provides clear and actionable standards for performance and accountability, giving businesses a competitive edge in the process.

Stijn Jans, CEO & Founder of Intigriti 


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Current benchmarks: Based on the survey responses of 250+ infosecurity professionals, discover the industry standards for identifying and handling data breaches 
Optimization opportunities: Ethical hackers can help internal security teams detect vulnerabilities and prioritize their severity significantly faster
What good looks like: Read Intigriti’s diary of a disclosure, illustrating the journey of an effective response.