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A Guide To Reducing Risk For The Retail Industry

Many retailers have shifted to eCommerce in recent years.  This rise in eCommerce activity also presents more cybersecurity opportunities for criminals.

Luckily, retailers do not need to fight this cybersecurity battle alone. Worldwide, thousands of security researchers are using their ethical hacking skills for good. 

This eBook is a guide for Security & IT professionals, eCommerce owners or anyone looking to create a safer online shopping experience through crowd-sourced cybersecurity.


Download your free copy to discover:

How eCommerce stores work with ethical hackers to create a safer online shopping experience

Vulnerability disclosure policies

Incentivised vulnerability disclosure through bug bounty programs


"An Intigriti researcher found a critical bug in our eCommerce site a few months before the Christmas period. We were able to patch and fix that bug, and avoid losing sales."

Will Moffat, CTO at Muuselabs 



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