Ebook Hero Intigriti

An introduction to bug bounty programs and
crowd-sourced security

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  • The power of crowdsourced security for modern businesses
  • The difference between bug bounty programs and other ethical hacker methods
  • How ethical hackers help organisations worldwide overcome major cybersecurity challenges
  • Why organisations around the world are working with ethical hacking communities today

Why download this eBook?

There are a few reasons why organisations hire ethical hackers. Primarily, employing the help of ethical hackers enables businesses to execute a defensive strategy with an offensive approach.

Ethical hackers are highly skilled individuals and can safely replicate the behaviours of malicious hackers to highlight weak links and blind spots in a company’s attack surface. By working with ethical hackers, organisations become aware of and fix their vulnerabilities. Not only does this improve the strength of their cybersecurity posture, but it empowers them to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals.

This eBook introduces organisations to crowdsourced security through bug bounty programs.