Notification Icon On December 9th 2021, a zero-day vulnerability (Log4shell) was publicly disclosed. Intigriti’s ethical hacking community responded quickly to ensure our customers' infrastructures weren’t exposed. Read more here


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Our team is ready to show you how bug bounty can help your business stay ahead and fix the latest security vulnerabilities through bug bounty.
Benefits of crowd-sourced bug bounty:
  • Continuous and agile security testing through the power of the crowd
  • Keep-up with the latest vulnerabilities and security threats 
  • Reduce the risk of losses from a cyberattack
  • Increased reputation and trustworthiness as data protectors
Intigriti's platform at a glance: 
  • 40,000+ creative and ethically-motivated security researchers
  • Companies of all sizes trust our platform to leverage the creativity of the crowd
  • Proactive and responsive triage team for added ease-of-mind
  • Exceptional customer support throughout the setup process and post-launch
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