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An introduction to crowdsourced security for businesses


Organizations without vulnerability disclosure policies are failing to address researchers’ security warnings. The need for modern, proactive security has never been more important. A simple yet proven method to protect against cyber threats is to invite ethical hackers in.

But who are these people? And where might you find them? Starting with a bug bounty program often begins with questions. Download the eBook to discover more about bug bounty programs, ethical hackers, where to host a program, and more.


Download your free copy to discover:

How bug bounty programs help organizations overcome cybersecurity challenges
What are the differences between Pentesting, Hybrid Pentesting and Bug Bounty Programs
Why companies choose to hire ethical hackers


Miguel Diez Blanco

Bug bounty platforms align very well with open source software
because what you have is a community of ethical hackers
helping another community. It is collaboration at the highest

Miguel Díez Blanco - Project lead open source programme office, at DIGIT - European Commission



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