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Navigating vulnerability disclosure for the transportation and logistics industry


What do aviation, maritime, automobile, freight, logistics, and supply chain industries have in common? Besides all falling under the transportation and logistics (T&L) sector, they also possess significant amounts of valuable data. Unfortunately, this makes them highly desirable targets for cyberattacks. Download our free guide to understand how transport & logistics companies can successfully work with ethical hackers, and in turn, improve their vulnerability disclosure process.


Download the free eBook to discover:

Why transportation companies work with ethical hackers to strengthen their cybersecurity defenses.


What the difference is between responsible disclosure and incentivized disclosure methods.


How Port of Antwerp's bug bounty program strengthens its world-class security defenses.


Working with Intigriti offers you tangible and actionable results that significantly increase security maturity.

Thomas Colyn, CISO at Dpg Media