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A guide to crowdsourced security testing for financial services 

Securing the bottom line

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Cybercriminals frequently target the financial services sector due to the abundance of confidential client information it carries. These attacks can be highly damaging, leading to monetary losses, harm to reputation, and damage to customer confidence. It is imperative for financial organizations to prioritize cybersecurity and take proactive steps to defend against constantly evolving threats.

ebook finance

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Why companies in finance work with ethical hackers to strengthen their cybersecurity posture
How financial companies can bolster cybersecurity posture while complying with industry regulations
How bug bounty programs differ from traditional security testing methods


Pieter Schelfhout Cake

I can use the creativity of thousands of ethical hackers’ minds through Intigriti — and that is far stronger than using automation or general algorithms to discover difficult to find vulnerabilities. Having a bug bounty program closely aligns to our values. It shows we don’t just want to do security; we want to be open about security and try to use the wisdom of the crowd to get as much feedback as possible.

Pieter Schelfhout, Co-Founder and Head of Engineering at Cake


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